project work (B2B)

Unleash Stunning Worlds:

B2B Game Texture Design by EFLM

Craft unforgettable worlds.

Partner with EFLM for stunning textures that elevate your game’s visuals and immerse players. We bring flexibility, speed, and personalized attention to every project.



  • Direct communication: Our lead artist ensures your vision becomes reality.
  • Adaptable & fast: We meet your project’s needs with high-quality textures delivered efficiently.
  • Dedicated partnership: You receive the focus and personalized attention your game deserves.
  • Beyond textures: We contribute to your game’s success through collaborative storytelling.
  • Open to feedback: We actively seek your input to elevate your project’s visuals.


Elevate your game. Contact EFLM today for a free consultation! 

Please use this form only for whole projects (e.g. game development or roleplay servers, which request every car texture). Otherwise, please use the custom mod form