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General Terms and Conditions for Custom Mods

The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all custom orders provided by EFLM (hereinafter referred to as „we“ or „us“) to customers (hereinafter referred to as „you“ or „your“).


1. publication

You may publish the designs created by us on other platforms and sites at your own discretion, provided that you clearly indicate that we have created them. For example, you can insert the following text in a suitable place:

„This design was created by EFLM as part of a custom mod. For more information, please visit www.eflm.work.“

You must also inform us of any publication of our designs and provide us with a link to the relevant page or platform. Removing the EFLM copyright markings from the textures will be prosecuted.

You alone are authorised to publish the designs created by EFLM on other platforms, if these actions are carried out by third parties this will be prosecuted. The designs created by us may not be published together with stolen, illegal or discriminatory content. EFLM reserves the right to report the offences without informing the customer and to have the content blocked by the platform. EFLM also reserves the right to cancel the customer’s authorisation to publish content if the customer violates ELFM’s guidelines.

2. passing on

You may pass on the designs created by us to third parties, provided you do not receive anything in return. This means that you may not trade, sell or use the designs as a means of payment. You alone are authorised to pass on designs; if these actions are carried out by third parties, this will be prosecuted.

3. discounts

We reserve the right to grant discounts on our prices for custom mods at our own discretion. The amount and conditions of the discounts are agreed individually with the customer and recorded in writing. Discounts for publishing rights are occasionally negotiated by EFLM in consultation with the customer.

4. right of return

Custom mods cannot be returned after completion of the order (closed ticket). This means that you have no right to reclaim payment or have the design corrected. However, you do have the opportunity to make changes several times in advance. We endeavour to implement your wishes and requirements in the best possible way and offer you a reasonable number of correction loops.

In individual cases, we reserve the right to charge an expense allowance at the end of an order if an above-average number of changes have been made.

5 Publication by EFLM

You can instruct us to publish the designs we have created for you. In this case, we will identify you as the „sponsor“ and obtain your consent before putting the design online. You can also make requests for the exact text in which you are labelled as a sponsor.

6. exclusive control

After the mod has been published by the customer or EFLM (only upon request), EFLM agrees to inform you if we become aware that the textures are being used in another mod pack. Furthermore, EFLM will always submit a report to the platform.

7. ordering system

To order a custom mod from us, you must complete the following steps:

– Create a ticket on EFLM’s Discord or write an email to office@eflm.work with a detailed description of your desired design. You can also use the form at https://mymods.eflm.work/order-your-mod. These are the only options for starting an order with EFLM. In order to start an order, the customer must have full legal capacity and liability according to the laws of his current place of residence. The customer confirms this condition by sending an order to EFLM.
– We will reply to you as soon as possible and send you a cost estimate and any queries you may have. In individual cases, EFLM reserves the right to refuse orders without justification. (Possible reasons: No free capacity, design cannot be realised, design contains illegal content, customer affected by order block)

– If you agree with the cost estimate, you confirm to us in writing that we can start work.

– We will start working on your design and send you regular updates and drafts. During this time, you will have several opportunities to submit change requests, which we will implement in the best possible way. In individual cases, we reserve the right to charge an expense allowance at the end of an order if an above-average number of changes have been made.

– When the design is ready, we will send you some photos so that you can make an initial assessment.

– If you are satisfied with the design or have no further change requests for the time being, you will receive a payment request from us via PayPal.

– After payment you can then access your mod. You can now test it in detail.

– Now you can make further change requests, which will be implemented by us.

– As soon as all your requests have been implemented and you have confirmed in writing that you accept the work, we will close the ticket and the order will be finalised.


We reserve the right to amend or adapt these GTC at any time.
By submitting an order via EFLM Custom Mods form/ e-mail address or opening a ticket on the EFLM Discord, the customer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions described here.

EFLM reserves the right to block customers from placing orders if they violate the terms and conditions.


Status: 03.04.2024

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